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(08/12/21) There is a MASK MANDATE on the Navajo Nation. Please wear a mask when visiting — indoors and outdoors in all public spaces.

2022 Navajo Nation Economic Summit
Tuesday, Twin Arrows Casino Resort

Navajo Nation Sovereignty Day
Monday, Navajo Nation Reservation

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Antelope Point Marina

Cool Down on the Lake


We want to share Lake Powell with you and your family. Come join us at Lake Powell for House Boating, wake-boarding, fishing, boat tours, a great meal and spectacular shopping at our one of a kind Market Place Store and Welcome Center Gift Shop. You’ll find our staff to be friendly, courteous and ready to assist when you arrive.

Lake Powell is located in Arizona and Utah. Antelope Point Marina is located in the state of Arizona adjacent to the town of Page. The property encompasses over 600 acres of land on the Navajo Nation. Antelope Point Marina is commitment to our environment and a Clean and Green Marina.

Be prepared to pay entrance fee’s at Antelope Point Marina. This marina is a part of the Glen Canyon National Recreational Park area, therefore it observes the GCNRP fee’s (but if you purchased a NPR Glen Canyon entrance fee within 7 days of visiting another Glen Canyon recreational area, the pass is good to use at Antelope Point Marina entrance):

Entrance Fees – Weekly

$30.00 Vehicle Entrance (1-7 Days)
Admits one single, private, non-commercial vehicle and all its passengers
$25.00 Motorcycle Entrance (1-7 Days)
Admits one single, private, non-commercial motorcycle and its riders.
$15.00 Individual Entrance (1-7 Days)
Admits one individual when entering on foot, or bicycle. Not to exceed $25 vehicle fee. Individuals 15 years of age and younger are admitted free.
$30.00 Boating Entrance (1-7 Days)
Admits one single private vessel
$30.00 Boating Entrance additional vessel (1-7 Days)
Admits one single private vessel on the same trailer as a vessel paying full entry fees

Entrance Fees – Annual Passes

$55.00 Antelope Point Marina Annual Pass
Allows unlimited entry to Lake Powell for 12 months from date of purchase.
$50.00 Antelope Point Marina Annual Watercraft Sicker
Allows unlimited entry to Lake Powell for one watercraft Jan 1 – Dec 31.

Commercial Tour Fees

Fees are assessed based on the passenger capacity of the vehicle.
Sedan 1-6 people: $25 + $7 per extra person
Van or bus 7-25 people: $40
Motor coach 26+ people: $100
For more fee information at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area:  Click this Link to

Contact & Location

For more information contact:

Antelope Point Marina and Facilities
537 Marina Parkway
Navajo Route 22B
P.O. Box 880
Page, AZ 86040




The Best Hour of your trip to the southwest!
Adult $30/person, from ages 13 and up
Child $20/person, from ages 4–12 years old
Infant/Toddler $0/person from Ages 0–3 years old

Schedule (All 1-Hour Departure) – 
Bottled Water included with tour & additional snack & beverage packages available

phone icon Boat Tours Reservations: 928-608-4477
email icon Contact us by email

Rainbow Bridge National Monument

Rainbow Bridge is one of the world’s largest known natural bridges. The span has undoubtedly inspired people throughout time – from the neighboring American Indian tribes who consider Rainbow Bridge sacred, to the 85,000 people from around the world who visit it each year. Visit, call or use the website to contact the Antelope Point Marina to book a boat tour to the Rainbow Bridge!

Antelope Hogan Bed and Breakfast

Antelope Hogan Bed and Breakfast is a Navajo-owned and operated company with the knowledge of traditional Navajo culture. The goal of Antelope Hogan Bed and Breakfast is to provide guests with the experience of lodging in a traditional Navajo hogan while being immersed in the culture that our ancestors created.

The Navajo Village Heritage Center

Come and enjoy a unique experience into a classic culture in the natural setting of Navajo families. Enjoy traditionally built hogans, storytelling, history, a weaving presentation, and Native American dancing to conclude the tour.

Jádí To´oh Restaurant

Operating Hours from May thru October:
Open Daily from 11am to 8pm
(Arizona Standard Time)
A Full Service Restaurant and Bar – Open for Lunch and Dinner. 

Experience this floating restaurant on the waters of Lake Powell, after a day of exploring the nearby Upper and Lower Antelope Canyons.